Granny Flats

This modern day in age we really need to consider a second or third income to your house hold. you may have a big block of land that you dont know what to do with, you may have retiring parents that need a smaller place to stay, you may want to kick the kids out of the house or maybe just want to make a little more cash each year well We have an Innovative solution that brings you income and capital to your home it is simple build a granny flat !

For as little as $110,000 you can have a 2 bedroom fully contained granny flat built out the back or on the side of your house this means you will have a positive cash flow investment whilst raising your capital on your property.

For example the build cost would be $100,000 +10% gst if you were to finance 100% at 6.5% interest rate total interest for that year =$7,150, the rental income for the average sydney property for a 2 bedroom property would be $400 per week for inner city, $350 per week for inner west, $320 per week for western sydney and $300 for outer west and the blue mountains region (give or take 10% with these figures and some curcumstances) this would yield you a net proffit between $8,450 and $13,650 per year not to mention the capital value it puts on your property and remember the more you pay it off the more cash flow positive it gets.

Have a chat to us just to see if this is achievable for your property and for a free quote on 041151552